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Modification and Enforcement of Custody, Child Support, and Spousal Maintenance:

For a free initial telephone consultation about your family law case, please call McGuire Gardner, PLLC Our telephone number for Tempe, and throughout Maricopa County is (480) 559-8101. Our in Flagstaff telephone number is (928) 225-2597, or call us toll free at (800) 899-2730. You may also contact us online or by email and we will reply promptly.

Many of the issues raised in a divorce or paternity proceeding are resolved when the Court enters the Decree of Dissolution. However, certain orders are ongoing and the Court retains the ability to modify these orders as time progresses. Also, it is sometimes necessary to seek the Court's assistance to enforce a previously entered order.

Major changes can include an increase or decrease in the income of a parent, caused perhaps by the loss of a job, or the associated loss of medical insurance. The child may have needs that were unforeseen and unplanned for by the Court or the parties. In some circumstances, one parent wants to move out of state with the child. If a change in circumstances is such that it impacts the orders previously entered by the Court, a modification of those orders from the Court is necessary.

Attorneys at McGuire Gardner, PLLC can help you with modification and enforcement of orders.

Changes in income, whether up or down, may mean that the child support order needs to be modified. Child support modification is not retroactive so if you believe that a modification is warranted you should contact us as soon as possible. Do not rely on agreements that are not recognized by the Court as they are generally unenforceable.

Child support enforcement: We can help you enforce a child support order. If you are a non-custodial parent and you are behind on your payments, you should contact us to see what can be done about past due amounts.

Sometimes the custodial parent can no longer care for the child. In that instance, we can help you obtain a modification of the custody orders. Both parents may agree to change custody in certain cases, such as when they agree the child should attend a particular school where one parent lives. It is important to obtain approval from the Court when modifications of custody are agreed to. If a parent leaves the state or the country with a child in violation of the Court's orders, talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

If alimony or Maintenance payments are no longer needed, or if it is needed for longer than originally provided for by the Court, or if other issues affect the needs of one spouse, or the other's ability to pay the Court can modify an award of spousal maintenance.

If a party does not comply with the Court's orders related to the division of debt or property, we can help you petition the Court to enforce the prior orders.

Call McGuire Gardner for a free initial telephone consultation to discuss modification or enforcement of your current court orders.