Accuedit Writing Services Combine Talent, Specialization And Experience
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Accuedit Writing Services Combine Talent, Specialization And Experience

Choosing a professional writer or editor for your writing project is too important a decision to leave to chance. Yet when you search “find a professional writer” in Google, the results turn up nearly 300 million listings, which feels a lot like looking for a needle in haystack. Certainly you can peruse website after website, looking for clues that this writer or that service will give you the dependable, effective results you need, but that is not a lucrative use of your energy. Isn’t that one of the reasons you’re looking for a professional writer in the first place – to save you time?

As hundreds of businesses and ind ividuals have experienced for more than 30 years, AccuEdit delivers a level of writing and editing that makes a futile exercise of looking for any other service. Whether you need government writing, regulatory writing, science writing, nuclear writing or general business writing, AccuEdit has proven itself to have the expertise you need to get the job done right, and on time.

AccuEdit specializes in:

  • Professional editing and writing for the scientific and engineering communities
  • Noticing inconsistencies within documents and making changes accordingly
  • Navigating through the fog and complexity of regulatory writing
  • Translating complex regulatory documents into understandable ideas and actionable information
  • Quick turnaround to meet tight deadlines

Doug Huston is the primary writer and editor for AccuEdit. He is knowledgeable in all of the sciences, including an impressive nuclear science background that informs his writing for clients in a wide range of disciplines. Huston served in the US Nuclear Navy where he was also a course instructor. Beyond that, he was the Licensing Manager and Technical Advisor to the Vice President of the Nuclear Division for Commonwealth Edison’s Braidwood Nuclear Plant. He also served as a Nuclear Safety Technical Specialist for the Oregon State Department of Energy.

In addition to writing talent, equally responsible for AccuEdit’s effectiveness is a philosophy that is often hard to find – that your success is their success. Whatever your goals, and whatever your needs, AccuEdit delivers, consistently going above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Among the many documents that AccuEdit can write and edit are:

  • Business and personal communications
  • Government and regulatory documents
  • Training materials
  • Academic documents
  • Articles
  • Works of fiction
  • And more

To learn more about AccuEdit’s professional writing services, visit their website at

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